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Re: SEDSAT Recovery Effort

This is an open letter addressed to PACSAT experts and members of the SEDSAT
team.  What I'm looking for is "Quick Start" information for *myself* and
*others* willing to assist the SEDSAT team in gathering telemetry data for
spacecraft recovery.  

My Background:

I am an analog satellite operator, but I am interested in experimenting with
digital satellite modes.  My only digital experience with satellites is
receiving AO-13 telemetry data on my G3RUH 400 baud PSK demodulator.  At
this point I would like to know what equipment is needed (and what's
available) for digital satellite operation.

My Station:

Transceiver:            Yaesu FT-736R  6m/2m/70cm/23cm
                        Icom IC-738
Antennas:               2m & 70cm cp Yagis; 23cm 12-turn helix; 13cm parabolic
Rotor:                  Yaesu G-5400B with home brew FODtrack controller
Digital Equipment:      Kantronics KAM Plus
                        G3RUH 400 baud PSK demodulator

I fully realize that the Yaesu FT-736R requires some sort of modification to
operate at 9600 baud.  Can somebody provide the details about this modification?

Applicable Reference Material I Have:     

- The Radio Amateur's Satellite Handbook
- The AMSAT-NA Digital Satellite Guide
- How to Use The Amateur Radio Satellites

I just purchased the AMSAT-NA Digital Satellite Guide at the AMSAT Symposium
in Vicksburg.  This appears to be a good book, but I am not a terribly fast
reader and I am looking for recommendations on what equipment options would
be most effective and compatible with my current station.

Does somebody have or can somebody put together a "PACSAT for Dummies" tutorial?

73, Ken N2WWD

Ken Ernandes

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