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Re: NOVA Episode of Mir

On Tue, 27 Oct 1998, Clifford Buttschardt wrote:

> Your sure right about that one Jeff!   After seeing this show, I am just
> about ready to give up any support of the space program in which the
> Russians are involved.  Good thing Phase IIID has another country with
> which of contend.  God knows how we would EVER get a launch from what what
> shown in this TV show!   Cliff K7RR

Excuse me.
 Of the commercial launch contracts landed by Russian boosters, all but
two have been carried out with success. Those failures include a fault
in a Block DM upper stage on a Proton launch, and the recent Zenit
booster failure (Zenit is actually Ukrainian, but most of the handling
is done by Russian techs at Baikonur).
 Overall, Russian space hardware is as reliable, if not more so in
some cases, than the equivalent Western hardware. If you must make
assertions, please make them on facts, not on what is presented as
such on TV.

Andrew Reynolds

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