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Re: SEDSAT 1 needs Help

At 06:47 PM 10/27/98 -0600, Dennis Wingo wrote:
>You people did not pay one red cent for this satellite. You did not get
>the launch either. We put a Mode A transponder on here for your benefit
>not ours. Hell we even have contacts that might help get Phase III d up
>into orbit.
>You can bet your little red butts that I will never ever do a damn thing
>to help AMSAT and the amateur satellite radio service if we do not get
>some help. We asked two days ago for stations around the world. Yea I
>know it is difficult to get 1.2 GHz equipment. Yea I know the modems
>need modification but for those who can those who will we need your help
>if we are not to lose what I worked almost ten years to get into orbit.

First of all, I really do hope that the folks at SEDSAT are able to recover
this bird.  Not so much to provide another amateur transponder, but because of
its educational value.  Having said that, this pretty much represents Dennis'
attitude since the beginning.  Let's see.  Its been a whole 48 hours and I've
not gotten a 1.2 Gig station up yet or my modem modified. So I'm being sweared
at.  Yup, its that spirit of cooperation that really motivates people.  Chill,
Dennis.  Consider this.  I suspect that there isn't a single subscriber to
list who wouldn't go the extra mile to help save this satellite.  Even if they
aren't motivated by altruism, being known as one of the people who helped save
(or even attempted to help save) an amateur satellite gives one real bragging
rights.  Now let me suggest the following.  Take a deep breath, relax a bit,
and post a message with the keps, the frequencies to listen on and the modem
modifications necessary all in one message.  However, be aware that in the
areas of the world your looking for, there simply aren't alot of stations that
are equipped (or can easily be equipped) to help you in the time frame in
you need assistance.  Swearing at them won't bring any more out of the

Let me reiterate, I wish the folks at SEDSAT the best of luck in the trying
times ahead.  If I could help I would.

John, W2FS 

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