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stars in space,can we see them

Well I just had a rather intense conversation about whether or
not one can see stars when one is in outer space. I am of the
opinion that you should be able to see stars though they will not
look the same as they do on earth and also if you have a bright
source of light ie-the sun or earth or moon near your viewing
field then weaker things within that area of densitization will
not be seen.

The opposing arguement is that light in space is moving too fast
for us to see and that it is in a vacuum and the only reason we
see the stars on earth is that the atmosphere slows the light
down enough for us to see, well something in me says this is
totally silly but I don't have an educated reason for disagreeing

Now not being an expert on these things but always interested in
astronomical  things I put this out to you folks on this
reflector mainly because I don't know of  any other short of
spamming  and I know some of you folks are rather sharp cookies

So please email me directly with any answers so as to conserve
bandwidth and help me put this debate to rest........ can we see
stars if in space ?

Douglas Cole

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