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Paccomm psk1/nb96 question

Hello all,

Could someone please help a newbe,...

When using the Paccomm PSK-1/ NB96 combination do you have everything TNC /
modem wise to work the 9600b and 1200b PSK satellites? If so how do you set
up   for
         1200b MFSK up and 9600b down (KO-25)
        1200b MSFK up and 1200b PSK down (O-16)

On the PSK-1 you have the modem IN-LINE and modem OUT-LINE toggle and on
the NB96 you have the front panel push button for (AFSK, DFM, PSK, AUX). I
assume / hope that some combination of those controls lets you select the
proper up link and down link modes.

Thanks for any help.

-Hank N4AFL

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