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SEDSAT 1 needs Help

We now have a beautiful satellite on orbit but it has some problems. We
can recover the satellite IF we have some support. Here is what we need.

Stellenbosh or some other station with UoSat compatible hardware to
monitor SEDSAT 1 telemetry so we can find what is going on.

Brazil if possible. Junior De-Castro is he still active we need your
station if you are.

Australia/New Zealand

We need UoSat stations down there as well.


We need stations there.

IF we get stations in these areas we will have good coverage. We also
need stations in Africa and or southern Europe.

You people did not pay one red cent for this satellite. You did not get
the launch either. We put a Mode A transponder on here for your benefit
not ours. Hell we even have contacts that might help get Phase III d up
into orbit.

You can bet your little red butts that I will never ever do a damn thing
to help AMSAT and the amateur satellite radio service if we do not get
some help. We asked two days ago for stations around the world. Yea I
know it is difficult to get 1.2 GHz equipment. Yea I know the modems
need modification but for those who can those who will we need your help
if we are not to lose what I worked almost ten years to get into orbit.

Send me email or send to Chris Lewicki at the University of Arizona. Now
is the time for all you who want more satellites on orbit to step up and
do something.

Dennis Ray Wingo
SEDSAT 1 founder

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