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Re: SEDSAT Radio Parameters

Please explain.  Obviously Mode A is a linear transponder.  Is the Mode L
also linear?  I find the frequencies listed here inconsistent with my own
understanding of transponders:

    Uplink 1268.175 to 1268.250 Mhz		 75 KHz wide
    Downlink 437.850 to 438.000 Mhz		150 KHz wide
    FSK, 9600 baud

    Uplink 145.915 to 145.975 Mhz		60 KHz wide
    Downlink 29.35 to 29.42 Mhz			70 KHz wide

Reminder to reader who may not have seen the earlier message:

    Here are SEDSAT's radio parameters for reference. Please note, the Mode-A
    will not be turned on immediately. It will take several weeks and will have
    to be scheduled because of power issues. Also, we've seen a bit of
    frequency drift with time and temperature (the radios are several years
    old, from an earlier incarnation of the project) so don't be surprised at
    some changes in the exact values on orbit.

Good luck, and i hope to be able to work SEDSAT when i get/build suitable
equipment.  Meanwhile, maybe i'll hear some of you on AO-27.

		-- KD6PAG ("Networking Old-Timer, RF newbie")
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