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Re: Antenna Boom, is 7' fiberglass the standard?

I purchased 20 feet of solid fiberglass locally. They were nice
enough to cut it in half and I sold the other 10 feet to another

I dealt with UV protection with a 10'6" piece of 2" heatshrink
tubing I found at the local surplus store. I understand paint
works as well. Even if there isn't a need to stabilize the
boom from UV degradation, it might be worth covering/painting
it to prevent picking up glass fibres in your hands (nasty--
I agree with Ron!)

The big advantage of a solid rod is that you can really tighten
down your antenna clamps. Some have even suggested drilling a 1/4"
diameter hole directly though you clamp and rod an putting a bolt
through. No more windmilling in THAT dimension (I haven't done that

Good luck!

--Paul Beckmann, wa0rse@amsat.org
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