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Re: Antenna Boom, is 7' fiberglass the standard?

At 02:55 PM 10/25/98 -0800, you wrote:
>I need a boom for 2 meter and 70 cm beams.  Is a "Fiberglass 7' boom" the
>standard.  Suggestions on where to get one?

My suggestion is:

  AIN Plastics
  11045 Forest Place
  Santa Fe Springs, CA 95054.  800-882-2246 (Los Angeles area).

This company has locations throughout the country. I just listed this one.
The invoice lists also Santa Clara, CA 800-882-4246.

The item is 1.5 inch diameter EXTREN rod. This is a SOLID fiberglass rod.
It is available in lengths up to 20 ft, with a 10 ft minimum, and when I
bought a couple of years ago the price was $4.84 per foot. UPS would only
ship 9 ft, and I wanted 8 ft., so they had to cut off 2 ft from the 10 ft
minimum, but they will ship you the stub if you wish. It is worth asking
about current UPS policy.

There was some discussion once about whether you should protect the rod
from UV damage. I have not noticed any problem after a number of years
without any treatment. Suggestions included some kind of paint or black
tape. One caution. I opened the package, admired the beauty of the rod, and
proceeded to wrap my hand around the rod and 'stroke' it. Big mistake. Lots
of fine glass particles.

ron long w8gus.
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