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FO-29 new status annnounce 98-Oct-26

The FO-29 command released today a long awaited new announce about FO-29 status.
The Item 1) nad 2) is same , 3) is NEW.

1) The present JA mode operation of the bird continue for a while
to investigate frequency of bit errors in the on-board-computer.
The report from radio amateurs who noticed that the value of CW TLM
channnel 2A changed '00' would be appreciated. The position of chan
2A is the fifth item after 'HI HI' in CW telemetry. The normal value
is '00'. Report should be sent to lab@jarl.or.jp.

2) The bird FO-29 had entered 'full illumination'(always illuminated
from the Sun). It will continue for 3 monthes, and ends on December.

3) The on-board-computer was highly accepted many commands from ground
while the bird was in shade by the earth on August. Therefore, the command
station expect that digital mode operation might come back on December or later,
which the 'full illumination' season ends up. The digi-talker operation
is also in under planing.  

Next announcement might be released on Nov.20.

de Kazu Sakamoto, JJ1WTK
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