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SEDSAT Radio Parameters

	For those who requested, here are the SEDSAT Radio parameters from Dr. Maier. 
Please don't attempt to use the 23cm uplink until things on the spacecraft are in
order (a new OS will need to be uploaded to bring the satellite up to its full
operational capability).  
	Also, we will be distributing ground station software for decoding the telemetry
shortly.  Nothing fancy, but it gives you the data and logs it so you can send it
to us.  I'll distribute details when the software is avialable for download.
	The satellite transmits "heartbeats" nominally every 10 seconds (transmitter on
for 2 seconds), unless power available is less than optimal, than it starts
increasing the time interval.
	Several people have reported strong signal in varoius parts of the world.  

For those interested, here's a sample telemetry snippet from the fourth orbit:

10/24/1998 12:3:19 Main Voltage: 20281mV  Main Current: 744mA   Amps In
Batteries: 26538379mAS
Battery 1: 9    Battery 2 :  10   CDS DC/DC : 17   MODE-L DC/DC: 21
EMP: 5
MB DC/DC : 3    Deployer 1: -6    Deployer 2: 4   MODE-L PA   : 9
+X: 510   +Y: 405   +Z: 53   -X: 26   -Y: 163
SEASIS BOOT: 2    CDS Boot: 2   Reset Count: 0   Images Available: 89
Mode-L: 1   Mode-A: 0   SEASIS: 0   Cameras: 0  Antennae Deployer: 0
Panel: 1

And here's a brief explanation:

10/24/1998 12:3:19 	(Time received at ground station)
Main Voltage: 20281mV  (THe next three should be self explanatory)
Main Current: 744mA   
Amps In Batteries: 26538379mAS

Battery 1: 9    	(These next nine are temperatures, in Celcius
Battery 2 :  10   	(I'm not sure if a scaling needs to be applied
CDS DC/DC : 17   	(I don't think so.
EMP: 5
MB DC/DC : 3    
Deployer 1: -6    
Deployer 2: 4   
MODE-L PA   : 9

+X: 510   			( These are solar array currents on the 5 faces
+Y: 405   			( It appears that all five are working well
+Z: 53   
-X: 26   
-Y: 163

SEASIS BOOT: 2		(Debugging info  	
CDS Boot: 2  
Reset Count: 0
Images Available: 89	( These 89 images were taken at deployment
				( Hopefully they'll be down within the next week

Mode-L: 1   		( The next six are discretes (flags)
Mode-A: 0   		( The only "bad" one is the Panel paramter which
SEASIS: 0   		( was hoped to be 0.  This means that the satellite
Cameras: 0  		( is sending data to the onboard serial port used in
Antennae Deployer: 0	( the lab, and is wasting a little power in the process
Panel: 1			( this obviously will be turned off ASAP.

That's all for now.  Another pass for Tucson in about 40 minutes.

-Chris Lewicki

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Subject: SEDSAT Radio Parameters
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 1998 19:45:00 -0500
From: Mark Maier <maier@ebs330.eb.uah.edu>
To: sedsat@seds.lpl.arizona.edu, ted@hawaii.edu,
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Here are SEDSAT's radio parameters for reference. Please note, the Mode-A
will not be turned on immediately. It will take several weeks and will have
to be scheduled because of power issues. Also, we've seen a bit of
frequency drift with time and temperature (the radios are several years
old, from an earlier incarnation of the project) so don't be surprised at
some changes in the exact values on orbit.

Uplink 1268.175 to 1268.250 Mhz
Downlink 437.850 to 438.000 Mhz
FSK, 9600 baud

Uplink 145.915 to 145.975 Mhz
Downlink 29.35 to 29.42 Mhz

Mark Maier

Dr. Mark W. Maier				maier@ece.uah.edu
Associate Professor				205-890-6642
Elec. and Computer Engineering			205-890-6803 FAX
University of Alabama in Huntsville		KF4YGR
Huntsville, AL  35899		http://eb-p5.eb.uah.edu/~maier

Stereo Image Compression	SEDSAT-1	Systems Architecting

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