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Re: Brief msgs via 9600 Pacsats?

At 05:12 PM 10/23/98 -0700, John Mock wrote:
>Is that in ROM in the birds?  Or is that something we can fix on at
>least some of those that are up there? 

No, the only ROM is a tiny bootloader.  All the operational software
is uploadable. However, there is a very limited number of people who
have the necessary information to create new spacecraft software,
and a lot of reluctance to touch software that is working reliably.

Plus, there's still the fundamental problem, which is that the selective
directory listing isn't fully thought out, isn't very efficient unless used
only for "list mine", and is, according to experience, not consistent
with how most users want (wanted?) to use the system.

Maybe some changes would be a good idea, but some work will
need to go into designing a protocol enhancement that will solve
this problem without creating new ones.

73  -Paul

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