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re: KEPS mailer

Rremmel@aol.com wrote:
>Greetings again...
>Where is the KEPS mailer and how does one subscribe?

The KEPS mailing list comes from the AMSAT.ORG system
run by AMSAT-NA, just like this AMSAT-BB mailing list.  There
is also the ANS mailing list for AMSAT News Service bulletins,
a SAREX mailing list for discussing manned space missions,
and regional lists for the District of Columbia area (AMSAT-DC)
and New England (AMSAT-NE).

For more information see http://www.amsat.org/amsat/listserv/menu.html

You subscribe by sending an email message to the mailing list
robot at majordomo@amsat.org.  That's also how you change
existing subscriptions.  Start by sending a message with just the
word "help" in the message body, and the robot will send you
back an email message containing complete instructions.

73  -Paul

Via the amsat-bb mailing list at AMSAT.ORG courtesy of AMSAT-NA.
To unsubscribe, send "unsubscribe amsat-bb" to Majordomo@amsat.org