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Re: Brief msgs via 9600 Pacsats?

Thanks for your full explaination about the difficulties of operating the
9600 baud pacsats if you are *not* nearly full time and therefore do not
get a frequent directory. 

Would this be a fair summary of the situation from what you have told me
and from my reading of the protocol files and my *very limited*

1) It appears that one of the PACSAT protocol missions was to make BBS
forwarding via GATEWAYS as a primary function.  Looks like the
Gateways were to bundle up lots of messages into big files and just
transfer them via SAT.  Is this still being done or has Internet
forwarding completely obsoleted this application.

2) I notice 95% of users are non USA calls.

3) AND most foreign stations had listed MESSAGE traffic, not files.
4) The only files I saw were onboard generated houskeeping files.

So it appears that the PACSAT is being used as a worldwide message BBS
among a set of semi-permanent users who maintin frequent enough operations
to stay current.  It is not effecient to come-n-go due to missing the
directories and there is no easy method to check personal mail only.

Hummh, With the growth of the internet, the demise of terrestrial packet,
it seems like this was an excellent design in 1994, but no longer an
optimum arrangement for 1999. It is still an excellent application  for
the semi-permanent station in 3rd world areas without internet access,
but it looks like we could do better for the more infrequent traveler in
remote areas who only needs message access occassionally.

It looks like the LIST-MY is the one ingredient missing...

BUT I know that the PACSAT protocol is not going to change, no one is
going to touch a working spacecraft with modifed software, and the
incentive is low to provide the personal message capability for so few
remote users.  But for new spacecraft designers, maybe it is time to
consider this next time...?

In the meantime I wonder if anyone sees any other possibilities to reach
the remote temporary traveler.  I dont see any...

de WB4APR, bob

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