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Re: Brief msgs via 9600 Pacsats?


> >  3)  The pacsats have no "list mine" function.
> Interesting point.  Especially interesting in light of the fact that
> they were originally *supposed* to have such a function, and
> in fact a much more general selective-listing feature.  Never
> got implemented.  Sigh.
> 73  -Paul
> kb5mu@amsat.org

This was implemented when the Pacsats were first launched,  and then was removed 
when they went to the broadcast protocol for the downlink.

Originally you could connect to the satellite and send a command to list 
directory entries that were selected by an equation that you sent to the 
satellite.  The problem was that there were limited number of connections 

The Pacsat protocol documentation still shows this protocol.

-- John Melton,  n6lyt/g0orx

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