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Re: Brief msgs via 9600 Pacsats?

At 02:13 PM 10/22/98 -0400, al lawler wrote:
>  1)  Operating the pacsats without some form of doppler
>      control is virtually pointless for anything other
>      than quick demonstrations.

That depends.  On the 9600 FSK satellites, if you have a wide
enough IF filter, you can operate very nicely with no Doppler
tuning at all.  You suffer some signal-to-noise degradation by
using a wider filter than would have been necessary, but that
can be easily made up with antenna gain.

This would also be possible, in theory, on the 1200 PSK
satellites, but it would take a more sophisticated modem than
the ones we all have.

>  3)  The pacsats have no "list mine" function.

Interesting point.  Especially interesting in light of the fact that
they were originally *supposed* to have such a function, and
in fact a much more general selective-listing feature.  Never
got implemented.  Sigh.

73  -Paul

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