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CNN:Glenn Returns to Space (fwd)

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October 22, 1998

In this edition:

--> T-minus 7 days
--> Glenn removed from experiment
--> What you see...
--> Did you know?
--> Mercury 7 Trivia Contest
--> Get chatty

T-minus 7 days

Space shuttle Discovery is scheduled to lift off exactly one
week from today.  Be sure to check out the Launch Countdown
on CNN.com/Glenn.

Glenn removed from experiment

Sen. John Glenn has been removed from one of the age-related
experiments of STS-95. Glenn failed to meet one of the medical
criteria, though it's not known which.  The experiment, to
test the hypnotic effects of melatonin, was considered important
because it could help lead to a better understanding of sleep
problems in the elderly.

For more news, go to http://CNN.com/Glenn

What you see...

We've loaded up on video for you.  Check out our video file
(http://cnn.com/SPECIALS/space/glenn/video/index.html) to see
Glenn training, plus interviews and video of his last trip to

Also be sure to catch streaming nonstop NASA-TV and CNN coverage.

Did you know?

The cordless drill, the Dustbuster and other familiar appliances
around the home were made possible by NASA's Apollo program.

Astronauts on the moon needed a tool that would allow them to
drill as much as 10 feet below the lunar surface to collect
core samples. The device had to be small, lightweight and

NASA chose Black & Decker to provide the battery-powered drill,
and the company used a computer to help design one that would
use as little power as possible.

The result? NASA got the tool it needed, and Black & Decker got
a flying start in the cordless, rechargeable tool business that
brings it about $400 million a year in business.

For other down-to-earth uses of NASA technology, see the Web site
of the Marshall Space Flight Center's Technology Transfer Office
at http://techtran.msfc.nasa.gov/at_home/technology.html

Mercury 7 Trivia Contest

What baseball great was a member of John
Glenn's fighter squadron?

To submit your answer and enter the prize drawing go to:

For Contest Rules, visit:

Get chatty

Join our STS-95 Chat Series in the Space Chat room at:

Upcoming guests include:

Wednesday Oct. 28, 1-2 p.m. ET
Buzz Aldrin, Gemini and Apollo astronaut

Thursday, Oct. 29, 4 p.m. ET
Ken Reightler
Vice President and Program Manager, Lockheed Martin Space
Mission System & Services; former shuttle pilot

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