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Re: RHCP or LHCP or Linear

From: Dave Cawley  
Cambridge  England
Tel.  +44 1440 820040
Fax. +44 1440 820281

I'm still not convinced !   Take a bolt and cut it's head off.  You are
left with a threaded stud.  Hold one end facing you, and put a nut on, you
will turn it clockwise, take it off.  Turn the stud through 180 degrees and
put the nut on again, it will go on clockwise.  Thread direction is
therefore intrinsic and fixed ?

But antennas I am open to convincing may not operate as simply as this ? 
Are you a satellite consultant or builder ?

Can you shed any light on this or put me in touch with anyone who can ?


Dave G4IUG
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