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Re: Brief msgs via 9600 Pacsats?

On Wed, 21 Oct 1998, Paul Williamson answered questions about finding ways
to use the Kenwood 9600 baud TNC/HT for communicating via satellite:

> You should be able to receive arbitrary messages with little problem.
> The transmission you make to request transmission of a file is a UI
> frame.  The file you request generally won't be transmitted immediately,
> so your receiver will have plenty of time to change bands while your
> request is in the queue.  An exception is made for extremely short
> requests -- they're jumped to the front of the queue.  So, you might
> have to rely on downlink congestion for delay when you're asking for
> an extremely short file or for a small "hole" to be filled.

Thanks Paul.  So it does seem like a very slow T/R transceiver can still
"request" a download without too much difficulty.  That seems to solve the
problem then.  A wilderness user can at least then "check for mail from
Home or emergency messages".  Thats good news...

de WB4APR, Bob

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