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Re: PacSat uplink problems

Paul, Joel,

This is how I have my ICOM-821 setup:

The radio is setup in Satellite Mode (not split band mode).

9600            on
ACC P5.6        nor
ACC P8          ud     (this is setup to support the up/down for 1200 baud)
ACC t-AF        hi
SEPA            off

CI-Addr         4CH
CI-bAud         Auto
CI-trn          off

The Main Band is set to the downlink frequency and the Sub band is set to the 
transmit frequency.

If using something like the KCT or TrakBox,  they assume that it is setup in 
this way,  and sends the command D1 to select the Receive VFO and D0 to select 
the transmit VFO.  Note that these commands are described as "Sub band off" for 
DO and "Sub Band on" for D1,  but when in satellite mode they are used the other 
way round.

Let me know if this solves your problems.  I was almost at the point of 
returning the radio to Icom to have it checked out when Doug (N1OWU) sent me 
this information and it solved all my problems.

-- John Melton  n6lyt/g0orx

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