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Jewelry Contest Winner


Leanore, KA6UCD presented the bolo tie to the winner of the 6th
annual jewelry contest at the AMSAT convention banquet recently
held in Vicksburg MS.  This contest was the most popular ever, 
with over 100 entrants.

The contest objective was to determine the value of a chip
capacitor on a small surface mount circuit board that was
fashioned into a bolo tie.  No measuring equipment was allowed,
and the contestants were informed that the value was from 1 to
10,000 pF.  The actual measured value of the chip was 846 pF, 
and the winner was Dick Peacock, W2GFF with his entry of 870 pF.

The two runners up were also announced. AMSAT president Bill Tynan,
W3XO came in second with a guess of 800, and San Diego Ass't Section
Manager Al Rich, W6WYN was third with 900.

Leanore and Dave, WB6LLO thank all of the participants, and look
forward to next year when another challenge will be presented.
At this time the jewelry form is not known, but it will present
more of a technical challenge!  Hope to see all of you next year.

Let me take this opportunity to thank Russ and all his crew for the
outstanding job they did with this year's convention.  We will strive
to do as well in San Diego.

73 Dave   wb6llo@amsat.org

     Disagree; I learn.


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