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Re: MFJ 1270B + 9600 Modem

On Wed, 21 Oct 1998, al lawler wrote:

> I ran the mfj1270c and G3ruh modem with no difficulties
> also.
>   I seem to recall, however, that installing the modem in the
> 1270_B_ was a bit more difficult, but by no means
> impossible.  (I think you had to solder
> in a berg header, or run a jumper or something.  I don't
> remember exactly.)  Also, there may be a firmware revision
> required to make it run well...   

There are a few firmware revisions to stay away from which reset the KISS
parameters.  If you use the TAPR 1.1.8a or 1.1.9 (or any KISS-only)
eproms, you will have no problems.

You need to cut a few jumpers and add a header to install a 9600 modem in
any 1200 baud TNC.  The TAPR modems require one wire to be run to the
board; I don't know if G3RUH-type modems need this.


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