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Re: RHCP or LHCP or Linear

    For FO-20 and FO-29 with their RHCP antennas one should think that RHCP
    is the best. That is not the case. The attitude of the satellites can
    be upside down seen from your QTH - thus turning the signal to be LHCP.
    I had experienced that often when using the helix. This situation
    give deep fades.
    Switching polarity can mean the difference between a 59 signal and almost
    nothing with the two satellites.
    Therefor using circular antennas with these two satellites - and if you
    want the best signal at all times - you need a switch.

So if you know the 'bird is sometimes RHCP and other times LHCP, and
you can't easily do RHCP/LHCP switching, then i would presume linear
polarization should work better than a fixed circular polarization,
just as RHCP (or LHCP) works well a satellite which is sometimes
horizontal and other times vertically polarized.

			-- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, RF newbie)
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