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Motorola 'MAXAR 80' Transceiver - query

From: Peter ELLIS@DAO on 10/20/98 10:40 AM

To:   amsat-bb@amsat.org
Subject:  Motorola 'MAXAR 80' Transceiver - query


I have just 'scored' a Motorola 'MAXAR 80' mobile transceiver which, from a
search of Motorola's site, may be associated with the product codes

I'd love to hear from people with experience or info, ideas, URLs or
sources about:
- specs
- uses for these things
- identifying bits
- modifying the modulator and transmitter bits, etc
- using the amp at the back, receiver,, etc, etc...

Direct replies preferred, thanks.


How old?... Motorola says MAXAR 80 was discontinued (or ceased to be
supported) from 1996. This one had servicing around '89 and '90 according
to details written on a metal board-screen.

What I can see (without dismantling):
- plastic case;
- no front-panel controls (see 'data' connectors mentioned below);
- 'data' and DC power plug on rear panel;
- 'data' plug on short fly-lead;
- "UHF"/239 type output plug;
- internal metal frame and the back of several boards;
- a metal can with "162.7MHz" on it visible through a hole in a board;
- the back of a board with a sizeable chip (40+pins);
- an amp block and heat sink with what appears to be two devices in
push-pull (M1107 and M1108) driven by a third and much smaller device;
[Nothing turns up in the Motorola semiconductor search for these devices.]
- what appear to be tuning units close to the amp block at the rear  (two
groups, with 3 and 5+ lock-nut adjustments, like a very small set of

I've searched the Motorola site and got no diagrams, etc, but may not have
searched specifically enough.

Mine came from the recycling (scavenging) area of my local rubbish dump,
and looks clean and dry inside.
There was, nearby, a Motorola control head (squelch, 4 channel and volume -
knurled knobs in a flat case about 10cm x 5cm x 3cm) but no cables (sigh!)

Thanks aforehand,

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