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Yaesu 736R vs 847

We've all heard about the new Yaesu FT-847, and how, in general, it's a
better radio than the venerable 736R.  An number of people have come down
very strongly in favor of the 847.

I'm curious to hear from "736" owners who have decided *not* to upgrade,
and what their reasons are.

Personally, I'm fence-sitting at the moment.  The receive section of the
847 is supposed to be much better than the 736, particularly with regard to
close-in strong signals.  However, it's still not in the same league as the
better HF transceivers.  I've already got 2 HF rigs.

I'm not a contester--I use the 736 for mostly for satellites, with an
occasional new grid square on CW or SSB, FM/repeaters and occasional
auroral work.  The 847 is 9600-baud ready; the 736 won't do faster than
1200 baud without some mods.  I've never been much interested in digital
birds, though that could change. I already have an outboard DSP box.  The
736 will take a module for 1.2 gigs, the 847 offers  HF - 70cm but won't go

Finally, I've got big hands (proportional to size 13 shoes!). The 847 is
*very* compact.

73 from KD7MW,
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