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Re: P3D Photos... suckers?

On Mon, 19 Oct 1998, Pat Kilroy wrote:

> Glad you like the Orbital R2D2 shop vac.  He ran away yesterday 
> afternoon when the Cub Scout pack came to visit P3D.
Den, not pack.  The pack in question has 110 boys (aka "the mega Pack").
You DO NOT want to invite all of them at once!  (I have seen it and it is
not a pretty sight <grin!>)

And "he" didn't run away, he just hid (trembling) under some scaffolds.

But seriously, folks...

The boys (4) and adults (2) had a fun time seeing P3D, especially THIS
adult.  REAL hardware is quite a change versus the stage props in all the
fantasy "space" shows.  P3D is even more impressive in person than via web

73 & a BIG THANK YOU (those of you who know cub scouts imaging a "Big
Hand" or "round of applause" cheer) to AMSAT, the P3D people, and OSC for
making the visit possible.

73, Steve  KA1LM@amsat.org 

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