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Re: P3D Photos... suckers?

At 03:01 PM 10/19/98 +1000, Peter.ELLIS@dao.defence.gov.au wrote:
>Check out
>Fri 16 OCT - [title of photo] This Sucker is HUGE
>Okay, so it is a VERY big, VERY red vacuum cleaner.
>What's the big deal?
>Why not explain the big BLUE thing beside it?

Peter VK1KEP,

Glad you like the Orbital R2D2 shop vac.  He ran away yesterday 
afternoon when the Cub Scout pack came to visit P3D.  

The blue thing beside R2D2 is part of the logo of the organization 
crazy enough to take on this testing feat.  Would you prefer the 
"AMSAT" letters in mauve?  

In jest,

Maryland USA

Halfway between Germantown and the Eastern Shore

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