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Re: Re: Is hardwire RHCP OK?

On Sun, 18 Oct 1998, Richard W L Limebear wrote:

> > need to ever switch to left hand cp?  If I encounter trouble with cp 
> > switching could I just wire it in RHCP and I if  so what would I miss?  
> I hardly ever use LHCP but its there if I want it. You wouldn't miss much.

Since I got my new Kenwood prototype dual band HT with built in 9600 baud
TNC, I have spend many passes outside with a handheld 3 element beam
copying passes of the 9600 baud satellites.  I can say, that
I have never seen any detectible circularity on the downlink. 

Again, with a handheld 3 el linar beam, I can instantly rotate my wrist to
get a peak signal.  In ALL cases, I can rotate the antenna 90 degrees and
the signal *always* disappears.  As the satellite pass progresses, of
course, the polarity does change slowly, so a cross polarized antenna that
is *not handheld* is a must.  It would appear to me then that it doesnt
make any difference about L or R circularity, because there is none that I
have been able to detect.


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