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Terrestrial test of 9k6 baud pacsat equipment


  I'm now faced with a station that will not work on the uplink
for KO-23, KO-25 and UO-22 yet works great on the downlink (supposedly
the most difficult direction ;-)
  I've tried a variety of changes to parameters, etc. to no avail.
I'm using WiSP32 on a 486DX2/66 and letting a SatTrak IV do the
freq changes and tracking (not critical for the 9600 baud PacSats).
I have about 350 mVrms of modulation going to the back plug of the
IC821H. No directory fills or file uploads have gotten to the birds.

  I'm thinking something is broken with one or more pieces of the
transmit chain, especially the TNC/modem/transceiver. Is there
a good way to test the equipment using another 9k6 baud equipped
PacSat station? How do you go about it?

  Thanks for any ideas. Sorry I couldn't get W98ITU up for the JOTA.

Best 73's
--Paul Beckmann, wa0rse@amsat.org
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