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Satellite documentation & news for F6FBB's BBS



The contents of this message was borrowed from AMSAT NEWS SERVICE.
This message is to be handled automatically by SATDOC.EXE for
F6FBB BBS satellite database file SATEL.DAT
Usage and syntax is the same as SATUPDAT.EXE program.
Before the call to SATUPDAT include the following line in APPEL.BAT
or WFBB.BAT batch files.

satdoc amsat.txt > satdoc.res.txt

SATDOC is available at the following URL:
A description of this utility program and others for F6FBB's BBS is at

     :SAFEX II 70 cm Repeater
     :Uplink 435.750 MHz FM w/subaudible tone 141.3 Hz
     :Downlink 437.950 MHz FM
     :SAFEX II 70 cm QSO Mode
     :Uplink 435.725 MHz FM w/subaudible tone 151.4 Hz
     :Downlink 437.925 MHz FM
     :Uplink/Downlink 145.985 MHz FM  1200 Baud AFSK
     :The PBBS is running a Kantronics KPC-9612 + V.8.1 TNC. The
     :commands are similar to most PBBS and BBS systems.
     :N6CO reports he has recently mailed 345 Mir QSL cards.
     :MIREX has announced an on going APRS School Days Test. MIREX is
     :allowing schools to use APRS for position and status reports via
     :Non-school stations are asked to refrain from using APRS type
     :transmissions or beacons via R0MIR.

     :Uplink 145.910 to 145.950 MHz CW/SSB
     :Uplink   21.210  to  21.250 MHz CW/SSB
     :Downlink   29.410  to  29.450 MHz  CW/SSB
     :Downlink 145.910 to 145.950 MHz  CW/SSB
     :Beacon 29.408 MHz
     :Robot   Uplink 21.129 MHz  Downlink 29.454 MHz
     :Last reported in mode T.

     :Uplink  21.260 MHz to 21.300 MHz CW/SSB
     :Uplink  145.960 MHz to 146.000 MHz CW/SSB
     :Downlink  29.460 MHz to 29.500 MHz CW/SSB
     :Downlink 145.960 to 146.000 MHz CW/SSB
     :Beacon 29.504 MHz
     :Robot  Uplink 21.140 MHz  Downlink 29.458 MHz
     :Last reported in mode K.

     :Uplink 145.858 to 145.898 MHz CW/SSB
     :Downlink 29.354 to 29.394 MHz CW/SSB
     :Beacon  29.352 MHz  (intermittent)
     :Semi-operational, mode A, using a 2-meter uplink and a
     :10-meter downlink.

14129:OSCAR 10  AO-10
     :Uplink 435.030 to 435.180 MHz CW/LSB
     :Downlink 145.975 to 145.825 MHz CW/USB
     :Beacon 145.810 MHz (unmodulated carrier)
     :Semi-operational, mode B, currently in 'sleep' mode. AO-10 is
     :into a 70-cm uplink and a 2-meter downlink.

     :Uplink     145.850 MHz FM
     :Downlink 436.792 MHz FM
     :Operational, mode J.
     :AO-27 TEPR States are currently:
     :4  = 36 = 18 Minutes
     :5  = 72 = 36 Minutes
     :This means AO-27's transmitter turns on 18 minutes after entering
     :Sun and stays on for 18 minutes. AO-27's transmitter is turned off
at all
     :other times during the orbit. N4USI reminds stations that this
     :on every orbit, approximately 14.2 times a day. The current TEPR
     :settings will cause the satellite to be on during the daytime at

20480:JAS-1b  FO-20
     :Uplink 145.900 to 146.00 MHz CW/LSB
     :Downlink 435.80 to 435.90 MHz CW/USB
     :Operational.      FO-20 in mode JA continuously.
     :[ANS thanks Kazu Sakamoto, JJ1WTK, for the FO-20 status reports]

24278:JAS-2  FO-29
     :Voice/CW Mode JA
     :Uplink 145.900 to 146.00 MHz CW/LSB
     :Downlink 435.80 to 435.90 MHz CW/USB
     :Digital Mode JD
     :Uplink 145.850   145.870  145.910 MHz FM
     :Downlink 435.910 MHz FM 9600 baud BPSK
     :Not operational, the satellite is in JA (voice) mode.
     :[ANS thanks Kazu Sakamoto, JJ1WTK, for this report]

22077:KITSAT  KO-23
     :Uplink 145.900 MHz FM 9600 Baud FSK
     :Downlink 435.175 MHz FM
     :Operational. Telemetry has returned to nominal.
     :Jim, AA7KC, reports KO-23 is again fully operational with downlink
     :yields exceeding 95%. Jim reports he is "happy to have KO-23 back
     :full operation."
     :[ANS thanks Jim Weisenberger, AA7KC, for this report]

22828:KITSAT  KO-25
     :Uplink 145.980 MHz FM 9600 Baud FSK
     :Downlink 436.50 MHz FM
     :Operational. The telemetry is nominal.
     :[ANS thanks Jim Weisenberger, AA7KC, for this report]

     :Uplink 145.900 or 145.975 MHz FM 9600 Baud FSK
     :Downlink 435.120 MHz FM
     :More information on the satellite is available at the following
     :[ANS thanks Chris Jackson, G7UPN/ZL2TPO, Operations Manager of
     :UO-22 for this report]

     :Downlink 145.825 MHz FM, 1200 Baud AFSK
     :Beacon 2401.500 MHz
     :Users of OSCAR-11 may be interested in two new WOD software
     :packages have recently added to the Oscar 11 web site. The first
     :package enables various WOD channels to be compared with the solar
     :eclipse status of the satellite. The second package compares
     :and calculated magnetic fields encountered by Oscar 11. Both
     :are of an advanced nature, users will need experience using the
     :WOD packages on the web site and a spread sheet program.
     :The URL is http://www.users.zetnet.co.uk/clivew/
     :Beacon reception reports should be sent to g3cwv@amsat.org.
     :[ANS thanks Clive Wallis, G3CWV, for this information]

20439:PACSAT  AO-16
     :Uplink 145.90 145.92 145.94 145.86 MHz FM 1200 bps Manchester FSK
     :Downlink 437.0513 MHz SSB, 1200 bps  RC-BPSK 1200 Baud PSK
     :Beacon 2401.1428 MHz
     :Operating normally.
     :The AO-16 command team has authorized an APRS experiment on
     :AO-16 to explore the use of the 1200-baud PACSAT for APRS
     :position/status reporting. Test periods will run each Tuesday from
     :0000 to 2359 UTC.
     :The telemetry is nominal, however, indications are that the
voltage level
     :of the internal batteries are down to limit values.
     :Time is Fri Oct 02 21:33:05 1998 uptime is 1475/15:58:21
     :+X (RX) Temp   -10.288 D  RX Temp          2.419 D
     :Bat 1 V          1.278 V  Bat 2 V          1.257 V
     :Bat 3 V          1.245 V  Bat 4 V          1.260 V
     :Bat 5 V          1.238 V  Bat 6 V          1.232 V
     :Bat 7 V          1.240 V  Bat 8 V          1.279 V
     :RC PSK TX Out    0.599 W
     :RC PSK BP Temp  -5.448 D  RC PSK HPA Tmp  -1.817 D
     :+Y Array Temp  -24.811 D  PSK TX HPA Tmp  -4.237 D
     :+X (RX) Temp   -10.288 D  RX Temp          2.419 D
     :+Z Array Temp  -17.550 D
     :Total Array C= 0.000 Bat Ch Cur=-0.445 Ifb= 0.161 I+10V= 0.305
     :TX:010B BCR:1E PWRC:59E BT: A WC:25 EDAC:2C   
     :General information and telemetry WOD files can be found at:
     :[ANS thanks Miguel Menendez, EA1BCU, for this report]

20442:LUSAT  LO-19
     :Uplink 145.84  145.86  145.88  145.90 MHz FM  1200 bps Manchester
     :Downlink 437.125 MHz SSB  1200 bps RC-BPSK
     :Currently semi-operational.
     :Miguel Menendez, EA1BCU, reports LUSAT/Oscar-19 ground control
     :station LU8DYF has succeeded in regaining control of the
     :Downlink signals show good modulation with an ASCII message
     :containing the following text:
     :July 31 - 1998. No BBS service. On Board Computer reload in
     :Digipeater active. Thank you - Norberto - LU8DYF.
     :EA1BCU reminds operators the digipeater mode is "a very
     :option to make contacts with other stations, or to be connected
with your
     :own station to evaluate the on-line the state of your
     :The telemetry is as follows:
     :Time is Fri Oct 02 21:50:47 1998 uptime is 063/08:13:11
     :Bat 1 V          1.345 V  Bat 2 V          1.340 V
     :Bat 3 V          1.357 V  Bat 4 V          1.344 V
     :Bat 5 V          1.357 V  Bat 6 V          1.352 V
     :Bat 7 V          1.343 V  Bat 8 V          1.339 V
     :RC PSK TX Out    0.659 W
     :Total Array C= 0.008 Bat Ch Cur=-0.283 Ifb= 0.142 I+10V= 0.148
     :TX:017 BCR:1E PWRC:62D BT:3C WC: 0
     :General information and telemetry samples can find at:
     :[ANS thanks Miguel Menendez, EA1BCU, for this report]

22826:ITAMSAT  IO-26
     :Uplink 145.875  145.900  145.925  145.950 MHz  FM 1200 Baud PSK
     :Downlink 435.822 MHz SSB
     :Telemetry is reported as being received on 435.822 MHz at 1200
     :PSK. No additional information is available at this time.

25395:TMSAT-1  TO-31
     :Downlink 436.923 MHz
     :The TMSAT-1 micro-satellite was successfully launched from the
     :Russian Baikonur Cosmodrome on July 10, 1998. Chris Jackson,
     :G7UPN, says TMSAT-1 commissioning has largely been completed and
     :the satellite is in very good shape. Jackson and his team are
     :concentrating on testing and calibration of TMSAT-1's
     :imaging system, reporting a number of very good image sets have
     :downloaded from the satellite. The satellite is expected to be
     :for general amateur use shortly.
     :[ANS thanks Chris Jackson, G7UPN/ZL2TPO, for this report]

25397:TechSat-1B  GO-32
     :Downlink   435.325    435.225 MHz
     :HDLC telemetry framed so a TNC in KISS mode will decode it
     :The TechSat-1B micro-satellite was successfully launched from the
     :Russian Baikonur Cosmodrome on July 10, 1998. The satellite is
     :expected to be available for general amateur use shortly.
     :The satellite does not have a continuos beacon, but does transmit
     :9600-baud burst every 30 seconds (for about 3 seconds in length),
     :currently on 435.225 MHz.
     :The TechSat team has also constructed a home page about TechSat.
     :To view the site, point your web browser to:
     :[ANS thanks Shlomo Menuhin, 4X1AS, for this information]

     :Attempts to command the Mode A transponder have been unsuccessful.
     :The 435 MHz beacon (only) is operational.
     :The RS-16 transponder is non-operational.
     :No additional information is available at this time.

20440:DOVE  DO-17
     :Downlink 145.825 MHz FM   1200 Baud AFSK
     :Beacon 2401.220 MHz
     :The 145.825 MHz and 2401.220 MHz downlinks are off the air.
     :No additional information is available at this time.

20441:WEBERSAT  WO-18
     :Downlink 437.104 MHz SSB  1200 Baud PSK AX.25
     :WO-18 is reported to be in MBL mode after a software crash.
     :No additional information is available at this time.

Now, a reminder of a few satellite beacon frequencies, also for
F6FBB's BBS data base.

Frequence balise:
14129:AO-10            :145.809
20439:AO-16            :437.026
22825:AO-27            :436.800
20440:DO-17            :145.825
20480:FO-20            :435.910
19802:GPS BII-01       :1227.600
22826:IO-26            :435.867
22830:KITSAT-B (KO-25) :435.175
22077:KO-23            :435.170
20442:LO-19            :437.125
19851:MET-2/18         :137.300
20670:MET-2/19         :137.850
20826:MET-2/20         :137.850
19336:MET-3/2          :137.850
20305:MET-3/3          :137.850
21232:MET-3/4          :137.300
21655:MET-3/5          :137.850
19215:METEOSAT 3       :137.080
16609:MIR              :145.550
19531:NOAA-11          :137.620
21263:NOAA-12          :137.500
21575:UO-22            :435.120
20441:WO-18            :437.075

73's de Bernard, F6BVP


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