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Decompression Problem

Hello All,
Please can you help me?
Every time the MSPE closed and run the procmail
i've got the procmail window stuck saing:
[*.DL<>MESSAGE NUMBER>]ZIP Waiting for decompression.
I the Satellites directories i can see a lot of files
.zip without decompressed.
I have the pkzip and pkunzip programm in the fololowing dirctory:
and attached to this programm you can find my Autoexec.bat.
I've also noticed that when i want to send a compressed message and
i try to send it, the MeassageMaker window stucks all
in grey color.I have to click on Cancel then it says:
The message will be lost.
I click ok and the programm exit.
Then i can see in the satellite directory the file zipped
but not the file .OUT
So i need to send the message without the compress mode.
I need before to click the Send tab to unclick the=20
Please can you check it and tell me were i am missing?

                  *** 73's de IK8OZV, Enzo, Atripalda, Italy *
                  ***  Kenwood  TS790E  TINY-2  Trakbox Wisp *
                  ***      JN70kw   Phone   0338-9749786    ***
                           INTERNET: vmone@inopera.it

                                   WISP REGISTRED
                        GSC       2.01a      View-Dir  2.00d
                        MSPE      2.00b      MsgMaker  2.10a
                        ProcMail  2.00e      MsgView   2.00b
                        UpdKeps   2.00c      Wisp-Tlm  0.54

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