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Re: PacSat Active Channels - Which? & WiSP?

Paul J. Beckmann writes:

> How does one find out which of the uplink channels the PacSats 
> (UO-22 / KO-23 / KO-25) are listening to at any time? 

You should assume that *all* uplinks are active simultaneously subject
to the following:

UO-22: 145.900 rx goes deaf occasionally until software reset
       145.975 reliable uplink - gets congested when .900 goes deaf

KO-23: 145.850/900 both active

KO-25: 145.870 rx normally off. Works but s/c IHU crashes after turned on.
       145.980 reliable uplink.

> In WiSP there are positions for many uplink and downlink frequencies.
> Will WiSP automatically switch during a pass, automatically searching
> for the correct one and then use it?

My understanding (I don't use WISP) is that it tries other freqs if it
doesn't see a response (even NO -1) from the s/c.

Richard W L Limebear G3RWL
FOC # 1188

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