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[Fwd: DXCC] list Request for award #.for t

Jim in the last 2 issues of OSR I had a report asking for the DXCC
number assignd to it 
by the ARRL DX list. 3 hams mailed me their numbers.  1 was a US N2MIP
call, 1 was from Spain EA4LH, and 1 from  Denmark.OZ1MY. Jim the reason
I'm making such  big deal about   this is becuase so far the  research
on the awards indicate  somethng else. PLease get
back on this.Craig

Dear Graig,
Looking at OSR number 391, I would like to help you in keeping the 
satellite DXCC information. My DXCC is number 208 and was issued on June 
27, 1995.
Up to kanow I have worked 134 countries and I have confirmed 119. For a 
long time I have not worked a new one. I keep trying.
If you need additional information send me an email ea4lh@amsat.org
Best 73s,
Jorge Cangas, EA4LH