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Re: No More Art Bell

At 08:09 AM 10/16/98 -0500, you wrote:

>Did all the garbage that he had on his program any real har? I submit that it
>did, by reinforcing in those who listened, the lowest of low reasoning
>criteria he has helped in the dumbing of America.

Absolutely right.  One of the biggest problems that we currently face as a
society is the inability of the average citizen to separate out wholely
unsupported assertions (often involving some element of conspiracy) from
scientific inquiry.  It only takes one or two evenings viewing of the
Discovery Channel or the Learning Channel to see the degree to which
science is being confused with UFO sitings, alien abductions and other
hokum.  The presentations on these shows appear to have the "look and feel"
of science with none of the crictical inquiry or inherent skepticism that
science requires.

For contributing to the general decline in the public's ability to think
critically, Art Bell should be ashamed of himself.   I, for one, will not
mourn his show's passing.

John, W2FS
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