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Re: No More Art Bell

October 16, 1998

Radio talk-show host Art Bell shocked his audience Tuesday morning with
the announcement that he was quitting his show, and leaving radio
broadcasting. Bell's show, "Coast to Coast", had nearly 15 million
listeners nationwide.

Bell cited a "threatening, terrible event" that had happened to his
family as the reason he was leaving the show. He would not give any
further details, nor explain what exactly this event was. His web site,
at http://www.artbell.com/, also gave no further details on this

The complete text of Bell's announcement is listed below. Art Bell holds
the amateur radio callsign, W6OBB. Bell was active on 75 meters, usually
after his show, on 3820-kHz.

"You may recall about a year ago... I told you that there was an event, a
threatening terrible event occured to my family, which I could not tell
you about. Because of that event, and a succession of other events, what
you're listening to right now, is my final broadcast on the air. This is
it folks, I'm going off the air and will not return. And what I will tell
you now is what I told you then. When the time comes when I can tell you
what occurred, I will tell you, through the press, through the media, of
one sort or the other. I will explain to you the entire thing, it's not
that I want to hold anything back from my audience, however, for the
protection of my family, until it is otherwise revealed, I can't discuss
it, I won't discuss it. And if you were in my position, you would do
exactly the same thing. And when you finally hear whatever it is, what it
is, whenever you hear it, I think you will then understand.

At any rate, I wanted to tell you, I didn't want to go without saying a
word, so I'm telling you now. What you are listening to, is MY FINAL
BROADCAST. It's been a good run, and you've been a great audience, and
it's been an absolutely incredible forum. And my presumption is, that the
forum will continue. At any rate, it certainly is my hope, that the forum
will continue.

And again when the time comes, when this information can be released, you
can be sure that I will release it, and I would assume because of the
magnitude of the forum that I have held, at that time, you'll get the
whole story. But the time will come when I will tell it.

So for now and the foreseeable future, that's it! That is the end of this
man's broadcast career. So, thank you, and goodbye... (Art Bell, 2:55 AM,
Oct 13, 1998)

Taken from The RSCM Wire, October 16, 1998.  Written by W8MMQ.

73 de,

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