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ITU Saga, Part III

  The PacSat uplink problems continue at W98ITU. The drive from
the PacComm was adjusted to 350 mV RMS to drive the IC-821H.
The TNC parameters were set as suggested in the Digital Sat. Guide
for UO-22, and set again in the WiSP Sat. TNC settings. The
serial port problem (COM ports getting confused) persists so 
I'm running the SatTrak IV autonomously for the time being.
  I am not running hardware handshaking on the serial connection
to the PacComm and I think this should be taken care of. I'm thinking
of buying a plain-old DB-9/DB-9 modem cable to connect the PC
serial port to the PacComm serial port. Can anyone verify for
me what pins should be connected to what in this cable so I can
ring them out before I go over there again?
  Downlink looks very good although there was a strange KO-25 pass
last night that was very weak despite very good elevation.

  Best 73's

Paul Beckmann, wa0rse@amsat.org
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