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Hubble Passes also visible in Vicksburg

>>To Vicksburg AMSAT Symposium Participants:

>>As you can see, there will be some visible Mir passes over Vicksburg on
>>Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening:

There are a couple of Hubble Space Telescope passes also:
                              Max El
Date       AOS   Az        Time   El  Az      LOS    AZ

15-Oct-98 19:34  267      19:40  204  27     19:46  130  
(this is a few minutes before the MIR pass)

16-Oct-98 19:46  265       19:52  206  19    19:58  140
17-Oct-98 19:59  258       20:04  208  12    20:09  156

(times are CDT, UTC-5 hours)
Dan Schultz N8FGV
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