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Radio's FT-736 & FT-847

Hi folks,

A while back I managed to find a program with the help of Bob G7BXS that might
help people trying to test there FT-847 radio's to their computers. I gave a
few people the web page to download the test program themselves. Which by the
way is <A HREF="http://www.erols.com/catlink/847test.zip";>
http://www.erols.com/catlink/847test.zip</A> which downloads a test program to
check the comms between radio and a serial port.

Then I had a question if I had one for the FT-736 which I then pointed them in
the right direction of the Amsat web pages on http://www.amsat.org/. Then I
tried to back tracked on the first link I had for the FT-847 test program and
found another good program that some of you people might like to look at too.

Gary N5IXI seams to have wrote a full program to control both the FT-847 and
FT-736 which from the web pages looks quiet impressive. I do not own either
radio so I have no means of testing either of them at this present time.
Neither do I know Gary as yet, but this information might just be what some
people are wanting right now for either satellites or terrestrial comms.

Web page are: -



For the test program to test the FT-847.

I would recommend that any one concidering their needs to looking for a
program or links for them to consider having a look at his pages or even send
him a message for that matter. May be Gary would help AMSAT write a code to
control it for KCTT, Trakbox or other types of software that we already use
too. There are links to other ham products from this web too.

Like I have already stated, I do not know either Gary N5IXI or the company
selling the program. But they have the answers to many peoples questions right
now and there test program does work to prove the link between radio and

73s I hope this bit of info helps you too.


Chris J. Dixon
South Wales, UK.
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