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Re: What's up with Mir?

Jeff Johns writes:
> I found Mir on 145.935
> What causes the cosmonauts to change the frequency?

I can't help wondering if theres a simple, ergonomic, answer to the
 .935 or .985 question; carelessness.

I'm not familiar with their rig so this could be wrong ... but what if
the rig was either off (without memory) or on another frequency and the
guys tuned it back to .985 *but* without looking directly from the front.
If you look at some displays from a steep angle you sometimes lose the
display segments nearest you due to obstruction.

 ===    <--- Look at this from far left of the screen.
    I     A lazy person looking from that side could assume the left-hand
 ===      segments were illuminated when they actually weren't. Thus a
    I     three could be incorrectly assumed to be an eight.

Richard W L Limebear G3RWL
FOC # 1188

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