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Re: IC-821H Level Converter


The CT-17 consists of one MAX232 IC, costing about $5. There is not much
else in the box, other than a couple of caps ans some minature phone
jacks and a 25 pin D connector.

Seems a travesty to pay over $100 for that unit.

Jerry, N2HV

On Mon, 12 Oct 1998 08:16:47 -0400 Ken Freedman <n1qqv@cshore.com>
>Hi Gang,
>     I picked up a new 821H this weekend, and don't think I can sneak
>anymore gear into the house for a while!  Does anyone know what kind 
>of magic is inside the Icom CT-17 level converter?  Is there a less 
>expensive method of getting the rig to talk to a computer?
>TNX and 73, Ken
>Ken Freedman

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