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(Fwd) Fw: How to get to Vicksburg

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From:           	"Ed and Anita Schilling" <vicksburg.com!schil@pemberton.magnolia.net>
To:             	"Bill Ford" <switchboard.net!wb5sxk@pemberton.magnolia.net>
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Subject:        	Fw: How to get to Vicksburg
Date sent:      	Mon, 12 Oct 1998 22:19:44 -0500

Bill, Gofer girls appear to be too expensive  55$ for single (read below)

on 4/26/98 I had the following:

Airport Express ph 634-1156
   Group $5.00 per person
   Single $35 per person
Jim Westbrook
John Craft State wide Shuttle Service

I will call them tomorrow (tues) for update info and let you and tony know
what I come up with.
 I may try to arrange for one of the JARC boys to relay him to clinton and I
go get him from there.

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-----Original Message-----
From: Ed and Anita Schilling <schil@vicksburg.com>
To: Anthony Monteiro <monteira@maxcommtech.com>
Date: Monday, October 12, 1998 10:03 PM
Subject: Re: How to get to Vicksburg

>$55 appears to be too steep from what I was quoted before.  I will check on
>other leads tomorrow.  Thanks for the reply.
>                 Ed
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Anthony Monteiro <monteira@maxcommtech.com>
>To: Ed and Anita Schilling <schil@vicksburg.com>
>Date: Monday, October 12, 1998 4:57 PM
>Subject: Re: How to get to Vicksburg
>>>The correct number for Gofer Girls is (601)-638-2574
>>>I sincerely apologize for the mistake.  I called the number tonight just
>>>check and got a recorded message.  I will call again tomorrow and confirm
>>>the rate and potential sched for your time.  I want to follow up to
>>>you have a  connection from Jackson to Vicksburg.  If you have any
>>>please e-mail me again.  We are looking forward to your visit.
>>>Ed Schilling    KJ5XQ    schil@vicksburg.com
>>Hi Ed,
>>Thanks for the info! The correct fare is $55 for the 1st person
>>plus $10 per additional person (to Vicksburg.)
>>Thanks Again!

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