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ITU PacSats: Almost there....

Hello, fellow sat-fans,
  The ITU station is happily downloading files from UO-22, KO-23 and
KO-25 thanks to many of you who provided grand advice on this list.
Many thanks!

  I am now at the point that I want to upload a message or two
onto the PacSats and I'm running into some difficulty with my
SatTrak IV and with setting deviation.

1) The transfer to the Tiny-2/G3RUH of the upload message
causes the SatTrak to go wild. I'm thinking this might be 
a problem with the serial ports or Windows 95 serial port
drivers not doing a proper interrupt dance. There shouldn't
be anything getting to the SatTrak on one com port at 9600 baud
based on the TNC getting a data stream at 19200 from the other
com port (if everything is working correctly). Note that this
problem does NOT show up when WiSP is requesting fills.

2) How do you go about, in a practical sense, setting up the
deviation of the G3RUH board? Yes, I know I should have 1 V P-P
on the input on the back of the IC-821H. But, between passes,
is there a convenient way to get the board to belch something out
to be measured?

In addition, there is one niggling thing with WiSP: Decompression
by PKUNZIP is not proceeding properly under MailProc. I'm getting
a bunch of spawned decompression tasks waiting. I seem to remember
having to have PKUNZIP somewhere special. Where, I can't remember.

BTW: I could NOT get the 821 to PTT from the ACC socket from the
Tiny-2 and had to go into the mic jack, which worked fine.

The SatTrak IV is a GREAT box. It sure does some fancy things,
though, that are a little confusing when you're not expecting it.
Not too sure about its usefulness on the analog birds...will have
to see.

Best 73's to all and thanks in advance for any hints.

--Paul Beckmann, wa0rse@amsat.org
  W98ITU Sat Station Coordinator
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