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Re: IC-821H Level Converter

>     I picked up a new 821H this weekend, and don't think I can
>anymore gear into the house for a while!  Does anyone know what
kind of
>magic is inside the Icom CT-17 level converter?  Is there a less
>method of getting the rig to talk to a computer?
>TNX and 73, Ken

Hi Ken.  I know it's the long way around, but if you look on the
AMSAT ftp site at Fodtrack (it's with the dos stuff) you will
find that the readme file deals extensively with building your
own level converter.

As for the CT-17, I bought one at a flea market.  There ain't
much inside for what Icom gets for them.

Bob Hart, WA7HRA
Hoosport, WA

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