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9600 baud setup, Part II

Hi, Bob and the list.

  Bob, that did the trick, at least I received SOME files from UO-22 and
KO-23 this morning. Thanks!!
  I can quite figure out how to set up the 821 for proper TRANSCEIVE
though. I'm running with a SatTrak IV, which runs the radio, addressing
both transmit and receive decimal 76 address. It seems to run just
fine receiving with the downlink as the main band but, when it
transmits hole fill requests, it transmits on the main as well.

  I'm a little confused, being unfamiliar with the 821's operation.
It seems that there should be two addresses for the 821 on the CIV,
one for the main and one for the sub band. It seems that the 821
only transmits on the main band which would seem to require that the
downlink band (435) would be on the sub band.

  Didn't capture much data on these passes (about 250K) which were
very good. I'll be looking seriously at the TNC parameter setups
tonight and tomorrow and re-reading all of the suggestions.

  All of the help I've received is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!

Best 73's
--Paul Beckmann, wa0rse@amsat.org
  W98ITU sat station coordinator
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