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RS-12 robot

RS-12 pass over Seattle (CN87) on 11 Oct, about 0226 - 0242 UTC.

As has been the case in the past few days, I transmitted on the 15m uplinks
of both RS-12 and RS-13, and could not hear myself on the 2m downlinks.  I
did hear the RS-12 robot on 145.957 (this was at 0235 and later, after TCA,
so actual frequency could be higher).  Every once in a while it would call

"CQ de RS12 QSU 21130 AR"

Then I would hear broken CW, as if someone was transmitting with an
intermittently working radio.  So I tried it myself.  I transmitted on
21.130 MHz.  I could hear myself downlinked on the same frequency as the
robot.  My downlinked CW would cut off every few characters, stay silent
for a few seconds, and then return.  The robot never answered.  

I heard the RS-12 beacon on 145.912.  It's no longer transmitting the word
TEST slowly at the end of the fast CW telemetry.  I also heard the RS-13
beacon on 29.504, and I think I heard one station in the RS-13 passband
somewhere above 29.460 (sorry, I didn't log the frequency).  I heard no one
else on 2m or 10m in either the RS-12 or RS-13 transponder passbands.

All I can say is:  Shto tam naverkhu proishodit?

73 from KD7MW,
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