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Tracy Lane and the others who asked the same  question?I was orginally
going to send  
 you to the web site listed on the top of my page. I checked it out and
forsome reson it didn't work out .   So rather than not send it and not
share something with my fellow hams,I sent what I thought every body
would recognize as a search item on the net.I'm 
very sorry  my good intentions threw some of you for a loop. Craig N2MNA

Hi Craig,

    Go where?

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Date: Tuesday, October 06, 1998 10:29 AM
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>Go here if you interested in  being certain that your compute will still
>operate on     January 1 2000. Don't lull yourself into  a false sense
>of security because you changed the clock and  waited a minute or
>two.Don't ask me. Click on the page get your   answer from people who do
>it for a living.What you are lookin for is Y2K Test& FIX.
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