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Year 2000 testing [off-topic] (was: All MEMBERS)

    I have a program that runs in DOS that does a pretty 
    good job of testing your PC.  It checks that 2000 IS 
    a leap-year and the next four or five leap-years.  It 
    checks for roll-over from Dec 31 to Jan 1 to check for 
    1999-2000 and from Jan 1 to Jan 2 to be sure that the 
    year stays 2000.  I've put it on my web site 

Hey, folks.  If you're going to do Year 2000 testing, i strongly recommend
doing a full backup beforehand and a full restore afterwards.  The reason
is that some programs (and in particular the kind of programs one wants to
test), do periodic tasks based on the date and time of day.  They may, for
example, discard things that it thinks are hopelessly old, which you may
indeed still be using.  It may expire various reminders you have set for
yourself.  Anything that caches things based on date will get flushed.
Later, other things may not get done that you might expect to get done, as 
the relevant program(s) may look at the date-last-written on a given file 
and see that it has already been done.  You also need to look at the output 
of various programs to make sure it still looks coherent.  There is alot to
be checked if someone else isn't doing it for you and/or if time-related
glitches are going to cost you alot of time or money.

So if you're not a computer professional, i strongly suggest a full backup
before and restore after Year 2000 testing.  If you have the time to do it,
i also suggest leaving your machine on from the virtual 31st through the
virtual 2nd, 'cause things could conceivably still get confused at the end 
of that day.  While you're at it, you may as well check the 2000->2001
transition, as bugs are vaguely possible there as well.  Of course, if you
are a computer professional, you should know what to watch out for and
decide which (if any) time-related files you want to backup before running
such tests.
			-- KD6PAG  ("Networking Old-Timer, RF newbie")

P.S.  If you find anything satellite-related (that hasn't already been
discussed at length), you might want to post it here, but please post 
non-ham Year 2000 problems elsewhere.  Thanks!
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