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Re: Antenna Advice pse.

>>  So i'm not sure i agree with their formulas entirely and
>>did alot of "cut and try" with NEC2 to come up with what i'm using.

I used LPCAD24 software (developped by WB0DGF)  to design my 130/1300 MHZ LPDA.
I used NEC4WIN (developped by VE2GMI) to draw azimuth and zenith patterns.
LPCAD24 gives an approx. gain of 7 DBi.
NEC4WIN gives 7.91 DBi.
Measured SWR is about 1.05 on 2m and 70 cm bands.
I did not test it on 23cm band.
Best DX was W4FJ on AO-10 (tx with LPDA, rx with turnstile).
The transceiver is an ICOM IC821H.

>> The problem i see with a broadbanded approach
>>is that, in urbanized areas, one may pick up alot of very high power signals
>>that are already pretty close to the amateur bands.  

Leaving in a valley close to Paris, I'm lucky to have no direct visibility on
capital city QRM.


Jean-Louis G/F6AGR

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