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[Fwd: WiSP/847 problem]

Excuse the bandwidth, but will the sender of the attached message please
furnish me with his correct e-mail address.  The FROM address in the
message bounces when I try to reply.

73, Roy

Internet: w0sl@amsat.org
Home Page: http://home.swbell.net/rdwelch

Roy good evening. I had a problem with my 847 and had to send it back to
Yaesu. After 4 week's I got it back. I tried to run the pacsats the last few
days and something is wrong. Before I had no problem with auto operation.
Now when the satellite come's up  the 847 switches freqs, starts to track
doppler, but doesn't switch to 9600 baud. To tx to the satellite I have to
close WiSP, manually set 9600, turn radio off, then on, rerun WiSP. I have
to do this for every pass. If I don't I rx only. I hope this isn't a Yaesu
introduced bug. I'm looking at the radio section in the rr.dll file. But I
don't see a command for 9600 baud.  Will keep looking, any idea's?

73 Jeff kb2wqm