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Sat antennas & rotor for sale

Sorry to put you all through this again.  I did not sell my sat station complete and I had a large response to just the antennas so I am now just offering the antennas, rotor and crossboom for sale.
Rotor - Yaesu G-5400B (like new)
Antennas - Hy-Gain 216SAT & 70-30SAT
                 matched 2m & 435Mhz circ. polarized
                 with polarity switchers
Fiberglass 60 in. crossboom
I will also include an unfinished power supply project to switch polarity and power preamps. 
$600 for everything, you pick it up in Connecticut.  The antennas were recently retuned and cannot be shipped. 
73 de Mark K. Flanagan
Amateur Radio Station K1MKF
e-mail:  markf@cshore.com